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History: When I couldn't find a good web site for Grand Prix owners back in mid-1997, I began this site. It used to be a simple list of links to articles and reviews on the Grand Prix. As time passed, and the Grand Prix mailing list (that I also started back in January of 1997) grew, I decided to expand into what you see here today. This is the most comprehensive collection of Grand Prix information that you can find either on the web or in print.

The sections on this site are accessible from the navigation area at the left at all times if you visit the main site page first. You can also use the site map to help navigate through all the information.

What's New

Visit this page often for a list of what's new since you last visited. Sets a cookie to your browser so that it can keep track of when you last visited Grand Prix Net and so it can give you a personalized listing of what has changed. NOTE: For this to work, you must visit this page each time you come to the site. If you do not, the cookie will not be set and Grand Prix Net won't know when you last came to the site.

Mailing List

Here you can read all about how to subscribe and unsubscribe to either version of the Grand Prix mailing list as well as the rules and etiquette required on the list. Make sure to read the copyright first. The list has over 600 members all over the United States, Canada, and even a few countries overseas.


Lots of issues discussed on the list are common to many new GP owners. This is the section that covers them. If you have anything to add, please be sure to let me know.


You've heard about the custom Grand Prixs that certain companies have designed. Included here are the MPD F.1, the SLP GTX, the Daytona Pace Car Replica, and Pontiac's GPX and NASCAR pace cars. Information including pictures, articles, specs, prices, and links to more information is included.


A section devoted to pictures of members' Grand Prixs, other Grand Prixs, movies of the Grand Prix in action, and various audio files related to Grand Prixs.


Visit this section to read about problems that owners of 1997 and 1998 Grand Prixs have had with their cars, Included in each problem description there is the cost to fix it and contact information so that you may contact the owner who had the problem. If you've experienced a problem with your Grand Prix, this is the place to let the world know about it.


Interested in upgrading your Grand Prix? Check the Upgrades section for the details. Where possible, full descriptions are included that describe everything you need to know about the upgrade such as cost, time required to do the job, tools necessary, etc. There is even a difficulty rating scale to help you decide whether you want to attempt the upgrade yourself of have a professional do it. If you have an upgrade that is not listed, or if you have done one of the upgrades listed which does not have a description, please download the template and fill it out completely, returning it to me upon completion.

Owners and their GPs

A very interesting look at other owners and their cars, including what options they have, problems they've experienced, where they live, likes, dislikes, upgrades they've made, and interesting stories involving their Grand Prixs. NOTE: to view these, you must apply for a username and password. This section has for more information on how to do so.


This section contains the bulk of the information content on this site. Here you will find all of the mailing list digests (compilations of messages sent to the list by its members) as well as information that has been exchanged on the Grand Prix since January 1997. Please remember to read the rules and copyright statement before joining the Grand Prix mailing list.


A comprehensive list of links for the Grand Prix and automotive enthusiast. Sections include links to reviews and test drives, personal Grand Prix pages on the web, miscellaneous Grand Prix-related sites (such as aftermarket parts for the GP and TSBs), where to find that part for your Grand Prix, and miscellaneous auto-enthusiast sites.


Perform an advanced search of this website. Please note the different searches that are available: entire site except digests or digests only. Please be patient when searching; there is lots of information that the search program must go through to find what you are looking for. The search is real-time and not pre-compiled or done with a database, which usually takes longer.
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