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The following are all the digests from the list since digest format began.

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Old Grand Prix List Messages

The current format is a message-by-message list or a digest format. The following are, in the maintainer's opinion, some of the more relevant and interesting messages sent to the list. For newer topics, see the digests above.

Old Grand Prix List "Digests"

I used to run the list manually and send out "digests" every once in a while. The following are old "digests" (missing numbers were, in my opinion, unimportant digests).

  • Digest 2 (climate control, home dyno kit)
  • Digest 3 (seats, cruise control, warranty, problems)
  • Digest 5 (factory sound system, back of rear seat)
  • Digest 6 (mods, front seat latch, no hood light, noises, HUD, car care)
  • Digest 8 (oil filter gasket, shift points, torque steer, trunk leak)
  • Digest 9 (torque steer, programming ECM, list of complaints, trunk leak)
  • Digest 10 ("clunk," loose dash, trunk capacity, drag racing the GTP)
  • Digest 11 (new list procedures, ultra-sensitive alarm)