Other Important F.1 Information


The Grand Prix F.1 package will be installed only on new GT's and GTP's and will be sold only through selected Pontiac dealerships. Motorsports Performance Design, Inc. is establishing a network of F.1 certified dealerships beginning in the Midwest. Since production will be limited to only 50 cars for the 1998 model year and because MPD, Inc. is very selective about the quality and reputation of the dealerships that will sell the F.1, interested buyers should contact MPD, Inc. for a dealer recommendation.


From the time MPD, Inc. receives a Grand Prix GT or GTP from an F.1 certified dealership, it takes approximately three to four weeks to install the F.1 package depending on selected options and backlog. Rush jobs are not acceptable because quality will not be compromised! After the package is installed each F.1 is subjected to a demanding quality assurance test before it is returned to the dealership or delivered to a customer.


The base F.1 package lists for $5,995. This does not include tax or delivery charges. Cars with metallic factory paint will also have a surcharge of $500 due to the extra effort involved in color matching. Individual options are also priced separately. All prices and package content are subject to change without notice, so contact MPD, Inc. or a certified F.1 Pontiac dealership for exact pricing.


MPD, Inc. has a limited one year warranty only for the specific components included in the F.1 package. No other parts are under warranty and MPD, Inc. will not be responsible for any damage due to misuse of the vehicle. Be advised that some of the F.1 base components and special options may void portions or all of the GM warranty on the car. MPD, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any warranty claims that GM rejects or warranties that GM voids due to the F.1 modifications. If you buy an F.1 and if you are concerned about warranty issues, then buy a third party warranty.

F.1 hoods and wings

MPD, Inc. is now taking orders for the F.1 hood and rear wing for the '97 and '98 Pontiac Grand Prix. Both the hood and wing are shipped unpainted and will require some preparation from an experienced auto painter. This will usually be limited to some sanding, priming, color matching and painting. The hood bolts to the existing hood hinges and uses the stock supports without modification. The grills on the two hood scoop openings will need to be installed after painting is complete. The rear wing is a simple bolt-on replacement of the stock wing and can be installed in a matter of minutes. The hood is available with 3 options for cold-air induction and is priced accordingly:

  1. None (This can either be non-functional or you can cut a hole on the underside of the hood to allow flow of cold air around your custom cone filter setup).

Price: $1,295
GP Net Member Price: $1095

  1. Cold-air feed to stock air box with a K&N drop-in replacement filter. (MPD will optionally purchase back from you your stock air box lid for $75)

Price: $1,495
GP Net Member Price: $1,295

  1. Cold-air feed to MPD supplemental air box with 7 inch K&N cone filter. (No need to relocate the computer because the stock air box is retained).

Price: $1,595
GP Net Member Price: $1,395

The rear wing pricing is as follows:
Price: $795
GP Net Member Price: $695

Pricing does not include shipping and handling or freight insurance. (Indiana residents must also add 5% sales tax). Also, since we chose to make these parts from the highest quality resins, they must remain in their molds for three days in order to cure properly. We do have multiple molds, but production will be somewhat limited and availability will be on a "first come, first served" basis. Based on the expected response, you will have to wait. We absolutely will not sacrifice quality to do rush orders (and NO, you can't pay more to get yours sooner!) We are scheduling production to begin the week of May 4th, so the first hoods and wings should be shipping the week of May 11th. We can give you an approximate idea of ship dates for a specific order, but again, we won't be rushed so if you are not willing to wait, then buy from the fast, low quality folks!

Some of the products and options for sale here may void your new or used car warranty. They might not, but assume they will because MPD will not honor warranty issues voided by GM. We will, however, provide a limited warranty on only our products for a period of 1 year. This is subject to you doing a proper installation and no abuse of the products.

If you want to get in the queue and place an order, E-Mail MPD for instructions. We accept personal checks, cashiers checks or money orders. We do not accept credit cards at this time. Your order will be queued in the order in which payment arrives. E-Mail: MPDF1@aol.com or tcoombes@aol.com.

Watch for the website coming soon: www.mpd1.com