Pictures of Members' Grand Prixs

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Nicholas Spaniola; White 1997 GT Sedan

  • Nick's white GT with him standing next to it; driver front quarter view (.jpg, 25K)
  • Another shot of Nick's car in front of his parents' restaurant; same view (.jpg, 72K)
  • A shot of his car from the rear; rear view (.jpg, 44K)
  • Last one, of the same car in a parking lot; driver rear quarter view (.jpg, 65K)

Bill Goldbach; Gold 1998 GTP Coupe

Graham Worth; Black 1997 GTP Sedan

Mike Schwanke; Black 1997 GT Coupe

John Chramowicz; White 1997 GT Coupe

  • Picture of John's GT; driver front quarter view (.jpg, 110K)
  • Same car from the front; front view (.jpg, 85K)
  • This time driver's rear; driver rear quarter view (.jpg, 102K)
  • And finally rear; rear view (.jpg, 94K)

Todd Kravitz; Black 1998 GTP Sedan

  • Todd's GTP in front of his garage; driver side view (.jpg, 83K)
  • The same GTP in front of his dealer; passenger rear quarter view (.jpg, 63K)
  • A picture of Annie again at the dealer; passenger side view (.jpg, 122K)
  • Todd and Annie in front of Todd's garage; driver side view (.jpg, 172K)

Marc Harbison; Black 1997 GTP Sedan

  • Outside the dealership - see the bug shield?; passenger front quarter view (.jpg, 44K)
  • Same parking spot, this time check out the window vents; driver front quarter view (.jpg, 49K)
  • A nice view of the custom K&N intake; engine view (.jpg, 47K)
  • Is that a custom exhaust I sense?; rear view (.jpg, 54K)

Rich Elwell; White 1997 GTP Sedan

  • Nice shot of Rich's GTP; driver front quarter view (.jpg, 25K)
  • A groovy picture of the white-wheeled machine; passenger side front quarter view (.jpg, 33K)

Troy Ackerman; White 1997 GTP Coupe

  • Troy's white ram air GTP; front view (.jpg, 52K)
  • Another shot of the ram air GTP; driver front quarter view (.jpg, 49K)
  • Last one of Troy's beauty (.jpg, 55K)

Wayne Caron; Forest Green 1998 GTP Sedan

  • The GTP in a wooded setting; driver rear quarter view (.jpg, 55K)
  • High-polished wheels and a sunroof across the Potomac; driver side view (.jpg, 44K)

Bob Bell, Jr.; Black 1997 GTP Coupe

  • Just waxed...nice rims!; passenger side view (.jpg, 71K)
  • Black car, green tag; rear view (.jpg, 52K)
  • Wheel and bra close-up; driver front quarter view (.jpg, 57K)
  • A good shot of what the bra looks like; front view (.jpg, 66K)

Michael R. Dye; Black 1997 GTP Coupe

Jack Mize; White 1997 GTP Sedan

  • Nice wheels, there, Jack! A nice view of the sedan; driver side view (.jpg, 22K)
  • Another shot of the car near what looks like a golf course; driver side view (.jpg, 60K)
  • Same car, different view; driver rear quarter view (.jpg, 57K)
  • An interesting close-up of part of the car; passenger rear quarter close-up (.jpg, 51K)
  • The grand finale, windows cracked and sunroof vented; passenger front quarter view (.jpg, 48K)

George and Lila Smith; Forest Green 1998 GTP Sedan

  • A peaceful view of the Smith car in the fall; driver front quarter view (.jpg, 44K)
  • Another view in front of some trees; driver side view (.jpg, 35K)
  • And another nice view during the autumn; driver front quarter view (.jpg, 76K)
  • Close up (been doing some travelling, have we?) including bugs; passenger front quarter view (.jpg, 83K)
  • A view of the nice fall colors and the GTP; passenger side view (.jpg, 114K)

Bob Morrison; Black 1998 GTP Sedan

  • A nice view of the ram air GTP on a sunny day; front view (.jpg, 71K)
  • What the modified intake tract looks like; engine view (.jpg, 63K)
  • An interesting view into the hood scoops; passenger front quarter close up (.jpg, 67K)
  • Bob got the high polished wheels AND ram air; passenger side view (.jpg, 74K)

Alex; Red 1998 GT Sedan

Bill McInnis; Teal 1997 GTP Sedan

  • Looks like the Pontiac ad here; front "wide" view (.jpg, 15K)
  • A bit blurry, but you can make out the GTP; driver side view (.jpg, 14K)
  • That's not a dent you see; rear view (.jpg, 21K)
  • The car's clean but the wheels aren't; passenger side view (.jpg, 15K)

Bob Baggs; White 1997 GTP Sedan

Jim Brown; Teal 1997 GTP Coupe

  • A freshly cleaned GTP among the fall leaves; driver front quarter view (.jpg, 28K)
  • The same shiny car from a different angle; passenger rear quarter view (.jpg, 32K)
  • This time part of the bra is on; driver front quarter view (.jpg, 35K)
  • A couple of shots of the modified intake; engine bay view (.jpg, 35K)

Anthony Lauer; Red 1997 GT Sedan and Red 1998 GTP Sedan

  • The "old" GT and bike rack; driver front quarter view (.jpg, 36K)
  • Another shot of the "old" car with the rack; driver rear quarter view (.jpg, 27K)
  • The "new" GTP: still has the wrapping!; passenger side view (.jpg, 16K)
  • Same "new" GTP at the dealer; driver side view (.jpg, 16K)

Roger Caceres; Purple 1998 GTP Coupe

  • An overall view of one colorful GTP; passenger front quarter view (.jpg, 41K)
  • Ever see an engine bay like this before? engine view (.jpg, 63K)
  • Roger's chrome wheels; wheel view (.jpg, 37K)
  • The most individual headlight covers I've seen; headlight cover close-up (.jpg, 23K)

Chris Morin; Teal 1997 GTP Sedan

  • A view of Chris's car and bike rack; passenger side view (.jpg, 29K)
  • Another view of the bike rack; rear view (.jpg, 28K)
  • Not the way I'd prefer my GTP's nose to look; front close-up (.jpg, 34K)
  • You can just make out the rack assembly; rear view (.jpg, 17K)
  • A closer view of the bike rack; rear quarter close-up (.jpg, 50K)
  • Autocrossing! Driver side view (.jpg, 28K)

Hil ?; Forest Green 1998 GTP Sedan

Andrue Netcher; Black 1998 GTP Sedan

  • Andrue's GTP; driver front quarter view (.jpg, 33K)
  • Same car from the front; front view (.jpg, 31K)
  • Similar to the first shot; front quarter view (.jpg, 31K)
  • Under the hood, looks stock; engine view (.jpg, 40K)

Randy Moore; White 1997 GTP Sedan

  • A side shot on the driveway; passenger side view (.jpg, 32K)
  • A close-up of the pinstriping job; passenger rear quarter close-up (.jpg, 24K)
  • Another view of the pinstriping; passenger front quarter close-up (.jpg, 30K)
  • A nice overall view of the car; passenger front quarter view (.jpg, 37K)

David Ulane; Red 1998 GTP Coupe

Laszlo Szalkai; Black 1998 GTP Sedan

Joseph Rafferty; Silvermist 1998 GTP Sedan

Cristian Reyes; White 1997 GTP Sedan

Regina E. Harbison; Bright Red 1998 GTP Sedan

  • A close-up of the window air-deflectors; driver window close-up (.jpg, 27K)
  • The rear of Regina's GTP; rear view (.jpg, 27K)
  • A photo showing the bug-guard on the front; front view (.jpg, 30K)
  • A nice overall shot of Regina's speed machine; driver side view (.jpg, 28K)

Randy DeMeyer; Black 1998 GTP Coupe

Brock Phillips; Forest Green 1998 GTP Sedan

Nevin Williams; Black 1998 GTP Sedan

Michael Lewis; Bright Red 1997 GT Sedan

Tom Chbosky; Red 1998 GTP Sedan

  • A brand-new GTP near a little-league field; driver rear quarter view (.jpg, 45K)
  • Same car with same bra, different shot; passenger side view (.jpg, 39K)
  • Last one - this one shows off the bra the best; passenger front quarter view (.jpg, 45K)

Dave Stevens; White 199X GTX Sedan

John C. Hoefer; Red 1997 GTP Sedan

Steve Hale; Silvermist 1998 GTP Sedan

Jason Kryzanski; Silvermist 1998 GTP Coupe

  • A beautiful shot of the Silvermist GTP; driver front quarter view (.jpg, 42K)
  • Nice subs!; open trunk view (.jpg, 51K)
  • "It's 90 outside here at WXRX"; radio and dual-zone view (.jpg, 51K)
  • Looking at the amps through the passthrough; rear seat view (.jpg, 58K)

Terry Reals; Black 1997 GTP Coupe

Wade Leishman; Red 1998 GTP Coupe

Andre Goodin; Black 1997 GTP Coupe

Herbert Gibbons; Forest Green 1998 GTP-F.1 Coupe

  • Our first F.1 on the Multimedia page!; driver front quarter view (.jpg, 31K)
  • A look from the jaws; front view (.jpg, 53K)
  • What the hood looks like from the driver's view (sort of); top hood view (.jpg, 64K)
  • Wing, reflective letters, and exhaust tips; rear view (.jpg, 59K)
  • A closer rear view; rear view (.jpg, 31K)

Billy Camacho; Forest Green 1997 GTP Sedan

  • Billy has the first known headers on a late-model Prix; under hood view (.jpg, 34K)
  • Another overall view of the fastest-known GTP; front view (.jpg, 53K)
  • Final view showing his racing beast; passenger front quarter view (.jpg, 51K)

Todd Ortolani; Dark Teal Metallic 1997 GTP Coupe

  • Getting ready to autocross; driver side view (.jpg, 18K)
  • Launching on the first run of the day; passenger side view (.jpg, 22K)
  • The GTP parked beside his Beretta and an older Countach; passenger rear quarter view (.jpg, 34K)
  • His beautiful stroked 1970 Chevy Nova; passenger front quarter view (.jpg, 73K)

Debbie Malamphy; Bright Red 1998 GTP Coupe

Marcus Albin; Red 1997 GTP Coupe

Timothy Johnson; Black 1999 GTP Sedan

Derrick Stinson; Arctic White 1997 GTP Coupe

Charles Seputis; Medium Gulf Blue Metallic 1998 Daytona Pace Car (#351/1500)

Kevin Jarrett; Medium Gulf Blue Metallic 1999 GT Sedan

Chrissy Sparich; White 1999 GTP Sedan

Rick Garfield; White 1998 GTP Sedan

Gus Rubio; White 1995 GTP Coupe

Eric Bach; Red 1998 GTX Coupe

Chris Aul; Black 1997 GTP Coupe

Don Guthrie; Silvermist 1998 GT Sedan

Sean Andrews; Black 1998 GTP Coupe

Corey Lange; Red 1997 GTP Coupe

Gary Reedy; Black 1998 GTP Sedan

  • Nice view of Gary's GTP near the mountains; driver side view (.jpg, 11K)
  • An interesting shot looking forward from the rear wheel (.jpg, 16K)
  • Another nice mountain shot; passenger rear quarter view (.jpg, 13K)
  • Are those wheatfields?; passenger side view (.jpg, 8K)

Rob Moser; White 1995 SE Coupe

Larry Love; Silvermist 1998 GTP Coupe

Joe Carmen; Bright Red 1997 GTP Coupe

  • Joe and his (virtually) new GTP; driver front quarter view (.jpg, 44K)
  • The car itself; passenger front quarter view (.jpg, 44K)
  • There he is again - proud new owner! front view (.jpg, 39K)

Graeme Weston-Lewis; Black 1999 GTX Sedan

  • Nice new GTX! passenger front quarter view (.jpg, 28K)
  • Looking down the snout in the snow; front view (.jpg, 39K)
  • Here's what everyone's engine bay should look like; engine view (.jpg, 40K)
  • Still shiny even after all that snow; passenger front quarter view (.jpg, 38K)

Jeff Moen; Forest Green 1999 GTP Coupe

Travis Thompson; Black 1997 GTP Coupe

Jim Albury; Purple 1997 GT Coupe

Fritz Wehrli; Red 1997 GTP Sedan (Switzerland)

Jay Vanover; Black 1999 GTP Coupe

Damon and Conan Mauro; Red 1997 and Black 1999 GTP Coupes

Terry Gebhardt; Black 1998 GTP Coupe

Brandon Prestin; Medium Gulf Blue Metallic 1998 GTP Coupe (#750/1500)

Rex Hewitt; Black 1998 GTP Coupe (used as SCCA Pace Car)

  • Rex's pace car, on the track: front view (.jpg, 112K)
  • Another shot on the track: side view (.jpg, 112K)

A. Gibson's Silvermist 1999 GTP Sedan

David Chase; Black 1999 GTP Coupe

Lee Bowers; Black GTP w/Mecham Hood and Intake

  • Front shot of the car and the intake hood scoops (.jpg, 29K)
  • A look underhood at the open airbox fed by the hood (.jpg, 33K)
  • Another front shot showing off thegrille inserts in the scoops (.jpg, 20K)
  • A rear view of the hood scoops giving a nice view of the heat extractors (.jpg, 31K)
  • Side shot of the car showing the Eagle 77's (.jpg, 20K)
  • Propped up hood, giving us clear view of the scoops and heat extractors (.jpg, 23K)
  • Close up view of the airbox, showing off the cone (.jpg, 34K)

Mario Reeve; Red GTP w/Mecham Hood

Garron Staten; '98 Gold GTP