Grand Prix Racing

YaY!!! Well i'm sure you have heard by now. Track was slippery which is normal for this track. Would have done ALLOT better at a sticky track like Pomona. Temperature was 68 degrees with a very light tailwind. 13.1@104.63 was my best ET and my best MPH was 105.56. I have pictures of my car with the number on it on film but have not developed it yet, (digital camera was out on loan). If it's required I can go use up the rest of the film and get it developed. My times can be verified by Ram Air Tech who was present for all runs. Also I have a scan of my timeslip at

Mods: 325,HIO,EXC,ITC,IGN,SLK,NST,TOC,FPR,TST,PSC,PEM,RS2 with the addition of ICE, no passenger seat, RAT offroad pipe and no accessory belt ;)

As always......any question please call. 949-xxx-xxxx