Grand Prix Racing

The temps were cool about 45-50 degs. the air was very good for racing. My mods were 350, HIO, EXC, ITK, PCN, SLK, TOC FPR, ICE, TST, RES. I also had a "Cool Can" , and a 10k resistor in the IAT sensor, and spring blocks in the rear springs. This run was made on Oct 25, 1998 at Byron Dragway there was about 5 or 6 GP's there at the time. Please find attached the timeslip and a picture of the burnout of a run on that same day. my number was B391 in case you can not read it very well. Please feel free to post this pic if you wish. I think Jack Bafia has a list of all the list members that were there at the time as well as he was there.

Mike Dye