GP Racing

Time Slip Submission Rules

You must include all modifications and tricks that were applied to the car for the run in question.

Modification/Trick Listing (only those that affect drag racing):

  • STK: Stock Grand Prix
  • 360: 3.6" SC Pulley
  • 350: 3.5" SC Pulley
  • 340: 3.4" SC Pulley
  • 325: 3.25" SC Pulley
  • 310: 3.1" SC Pulley
  • 300: 3.0" SC Pulley
  • PSC: Ported supercharger
  • PEM: Ported exhaust manifolds
  • RS2: Ram Air Tech. Stage2 MAF
  • HIO: High Octane (>93) Race Gas
  • OCB: Octane Booster
  • GTX: GTX ram air
  • F.1: F.1 ram air
  • EXM: Exhaust (mufflers only)
  • EXC: Exhaust (cat-back or more than mufflers)
  • NOS: Nitrous Oxide
  • H2O: Water Injection
  • ITK: Intake (custom cone system)
  • ITC: Intake (cold-air kit)
  • ITO: Intake (other custom system)
  • DRI: Drop-in air filter (K&N or similar)
  • PCM: PCM re-calibration
  • IGN: Ignition mods (wires, etc.)
  • SLK: Drag Slicks
  • RAD: Drag Radials
  • SPB: Spring Blockers
  • NST: No Spare Tire
  • SPR: Aftermarket Lowering Springs
  • ATB: Aftermarket Throttle Body
  • WAT: Wheels and tires (any change to wheels and tires)
  • TOC: Transmission Oil Cooler
  • EOC: Engine Oil Cooler
  • ICE: Ice-down of engine/supercharger/etc.
  • MFP: Modified Stock Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • FPR: Aftermarket Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • TST: Lower Temperature Thermostat
  • PUB: Polyurethane Bushings
  • THM: Thermal Wrap on Crossover Pipe
  • ATI: AutoTrans Interceptor
  • Got any to add? E-mail us and let us know.

Disclaimer: We have made every reasonable effort to verify these times, but cannot guarantee those we did not actually witness.

  1. All submissions must include a clear photocopy of a timeslip.
  2. All submissions must be accompanied by verification that the timeslip is yours. Verification can be: another list member, an official of the track, a local ClubGP officer's statement that the timeslip is for the car and individual as represented. A copy of a photograph of the car at the track with the number from the timeslip on the car.
  3. All submissions must include your e-mail address and either yourwork or your home telephone number, in case there are any questions. These numbers will, of course, NOT be posted.
  4. Date and venue of the run.
  5. A list of modifications on the vehicle at the time of the run. (See above list and use these abbreviations - plus explanation of any further / different mods you have.)
  6. Brief summary of weather conditions and track conditions
  7. Submit times with proof to R.C. Mitchell at