This page is where you'll learn how upgrade and modify your Grand Prix, from simple 5-minute jobs to complex installations needing professional tools to perform.

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READ THIS: Neither Grand Prix Net, the authors of these upgrades, nor Pontiac assume ANY responsibility or liability for your performing any of these to your vehicle. Know what you are doing before modifying your vehicle. Some modifications may not be legal and may be for off-road use only - check with the part manufacturer before performing any modification. Some modifications may void portions of your new vehicle warranty - check with your local service department or Pontiac at 800-PMCARES to verify.

Understanding the ratings:

Difficulty Level and Description


Very Easy; for amateurs with few or no tools
Moderate Difficulty; for those who know a little bit
Medium Difficulty; require more knowledge or tools
Pretty Difficult; needs advanced tools or a professional
Very Difficult; requires advanced tools and a professional


  • Replace the stock air filter with a drop-in K&N filter
  • Replace the stock intake with a K&N FIPK Intake Kit
  • Wrap the exhaust manifolds and crossover pipe with thermal wrap
  • Replace the resonator with straight exhaust pipe
  • Replace the exhaust with a cat-back high-flow system
    • Borla, SLP and other systems available in the Grand Prix Store Exhaust
    • If you choose a custom exhaust, mufflers and Y-pipes are also available
  • Upgrade your mass air flow sensor and throttle body (MAF/TB)

Fun and Handling


  • Tint the windows