Audio Upgrade Follow-Up
Questions and Answers, Part 2

> I just read the article you posted about upgrading your stereo, that was a
> great article, very informative. I have one question. You said you installed
> some dynamat in your car. How good is this product, can you really notice a
> difference. Also you didn't indicate where you installed the dynamat.

Dynamat is about 1/8" thick, and comes in sheets. I used the type that has adhesive on one side. It must have lead in it, because it's very dense, and actually works like a sheet of lead would, only more flexible. It deadens sound because of it's sheer density. As you know, it takes energy to vibrate something, and this stuff being much more massive that sheet metal, it will quickly dampen any sheet metal from vibrating which would otherwise create some unwanted sound.

I've never used it before, but a lot of the people I spoke to swear by this stuff. I was already spending about $1000, so I figured another $20 or $30 was no big deal. I haven't done any before/after testing, but I can tell you that the system sounds great now. The difference is probably small, but who knows.

I installed a 8X12 piece (roughly) on each door frame around the woofer. I removed the plastic adapter that holds the speaker to the door frame, and put the dynamat on the door frame. Then out the adapter back on. I attached the cutout piece from the hole in the middle against the inside of the door skin, opposite the 5 1/4" speaker. I'm pretty sure I included that in the description.

I added a third piece to the underside of the rear deck. I basically put it everywhere that didn't have a cutout or something in the way.