Audio Upgrade Follow-Up
Questions and Answers, Part 3

> Can you tell me during your installation how GM handles the speaker
> crosovers in the door panels? Do they use crosovers or not for the
> tweeter-woofer combo in the door?

Rob, GM does not use crossovers for the tweeter and woofer separates in the front doors. The components are simply wired in parallel. Not the best for sound quality, but I guess it's cheaper.

> On another point, when you had the rear deck off durning the rear woofer
> installation, did you notice how the rear deck speaker covers were
> connected to the rear deck? Is it possible to remove the covers to get
> to the 6x9's instead of removing the back seat and then rear deck panel?

The speaker covers are attached to the rear deck covers with nuts that are put in from the back. Basically, the speaker grilles have a series of posts on the perimeter (maybe 6 or 8?) that protrude through the rear deck cover. I don't know if you've ever seen these nuts that look like they've been stamped from a light gauge sheet metal, and are used to self thread themselves onto the plastic posts.

You wouldn't be able to pry the covers off without damaging something.