Lighting Your Gauges

So you've got your gauges installed, but you want to hook them up such that they'll:

  1. Light up only when the dash lights come on, and
  2. Dim when you dim the dash lights via the dimmer dial to the left of the steering wheel

How do you do this? This page tells you how!

There are two connections you need to make: ground and dimmer. First we'll connect the dimmer power connection.

Open the driver's door, and pop off the trapezoidal panel that's there on the side. It looks like this:

Once off, unplug the wire harness connector that connects to the headlight dial and dimmer dial. Flip the connector so the top of it is facing downward, and locate the wire on the row nearest you, second from the right (click picture for larger view) as seen here and tap into it:

That's it for the dimmer circuit. Make sure to connect this line to the appropriate input on your gauge(s).

All that's left now is the ground. I used a connector and wire right under the bolt that connects the dash frame to the car's chassis, because there is already exposed metal there, and it was very convenient. Choose a good ground anywhere you feel comfortable, and connect the ground to your gauge(s).

That's it!

Questions? E-mail me and ask.