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Last Update: 14 December 1999



The Grand Prix Mailing List is a mailing list focusing on the discussion of the Pontiac Grand Prix (mostly 1997 and newer models, but older model year owners are certainly welcome). Topics discussed include rumors, news, upgrades, problems, and more. Don't hesitate to ask a question or participate in discussion. After all, that's what this list is for (of course, do some reseach before just posting a message blindly; there's lots of info here already).

Please make sure to read the Grand Prix FAQ and research the List Digest Archives before posting to the list; they contain lots of useful information that has been covered several times on the list and that we don't want covered again.

WARNING! THIS LIST CAN BE VERY ACTIVE AT TIMES! On a busy day, this list will see up to 150 or more messages (six or more digests). What does this mean to you? Well, if you're a Grand Prix fanatic, then you'll have a lot of reading each day! If you just joined this list for the fun of it, or you joined because you saw it advertised on the 'net somewhere, you may not realize what you're getting into. If for any reason you find the amount of mail overwhelming, you may unsubscribe.

Some people join this list not knowing what it is about and/or are not interested in reading all of the messages. Some are just not serious. Feel free to unsubscribe at any time. No hard feelings. Refer to the section on SUBSCRIBING/UNSUBSCRIBING for information on how to unsubscribe.

For those of you using AOL, Compuserve, Netcom or any other ISP that limits your mailbox size, it is important for you to realize the potential number of messages you will receive. Please try to download your mail at least once per day to prevent the mail from bouncing back to the list server. If for some reason, your ISP bounces the messages back to my server, you will be automatically removed from the list and will have to re-subscribe. If the same address is removed 3 times, it will be permanently banned.

PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE. If you cancel your ISP account or change e-mail addresses, then unsubscribe from the appropriate list first so messages do not bounce.

Copyright Information

This is a private mailing list maintained by Brian A. Marks. By subscribing to and sending messages to this list, you turn over the rights to each message to the list owner. Hence, ALL MESSAGES POSTED TO THE GRAND PRIX MAILING LIST ARE COPYRIGHTED BY THE LIST OWNER AND MAY BE USED FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Posting of these messages to a public forum (usenet, WWW, CD, etc.) or print (magazine, book, newspaper, etc.) is strictly prohibited and permission must be obtained in advanced from the list owner. If you disagree with any of the above information then you may unsubscribe at any time. Please see the section SUBSCRIBING/UNSUBSCRIBING for information on how to remove yourself from the list.


Please refrain from foul language and be respectful of other people. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all (or you will be removed). We would like to keep this group as informal as possible.

While we're all mature adults, there will be times where your message is not received well by various individuals. This is the way of life and no one has to agree with your opinion. While you might not agree with someone's post or opinion, all I ask is that you respect it. Feel free to post a reply describing why you disagree and offer constructive criticism on their opinion, but starting a flame war will accomplish nothing but making enemies and possibly starting a long, useless thread. Arguing on a constant basis with others will no doubt mark you as a trouble maker on the list and you may find your posts unanswered in the future.

Be kind to others and they will be kind to you!

People have sometimes asked me why I don't often ban certain individuals from the list. While I certainly have the power so do so, I find banning people to be the wrong solution to a potential problem. Bear in mind though, that we have had a severe trouble maker on the list who deserved to be banned, and it could happen again. In the event it does, and this person continually upsets those enjoying the list, I will take proper actions.


ADVERTISEMENTS OF ANY KIND ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and the offending address will be permanently banned from the Grand Prix Mailing List. If you feel you have a product or service that might be of interest the members of the group, please obtain permission from the list owner in advance before posting the advertisement. Alternatively, you could become a sponsor or partner and help my efforts while selling your product. Advertisements for your personal Grand Prix pages are acceptable, but please do not post them more than once per month. Product reviews such as "I bought such and such and really like it" are acceptable as well, as long as you don't have a personal stake in what you're recommending. All opinions should be as unbiased as possible. Again, if you are unsure, ask the list owner.

Posting to the List

Posting to the list is fairly straightforward. Send e-mail to:

READ THIS: A few things that are very important to remember before posting are listed below. Make sure to closely follow all rules or you may be removed and/or banned at the list owner's discretion.

  • NO SPAM: posts that even slightly resemble spam are grounds for dismisal, period. This includes off-list spamming using e-mail addresses gleaned from being a member of this list. If you feel that you have something that would be considered spam but that you think needs to be relayed, ask me to do it for you or find another way to reach people.
  • Only topics relating to the Pontiac Grand Prix may be discussed. If your post has the words "I know this isn't GP related, but..." that's a good sign that it shouldn't be posted. If unsure, check with the list owner first.
  • No bickering or flame wars - you will be removed if involved in any way.
  • Do not post in all caps.
  • When replying, include only the part of the original message that is important - full headers (the TO:, FROM:, SUBJECT:, etc. lines) are not necessary and just waste resources.
  • Make sure the subject line reads appropriately - if the subject has since changed from what the subject line reads, change the subject line to accurately reflect the new topic of discussion.
  • No attachments of any type other than plain text, period.
  • Do not use foul language and don't be rude.
  • Cut your .sig line to four or less lines.
  • Violating any of the above is grounds for temporary (or permanent, at my discretion) removal from the list.
  • Check your post for spelling and grammatical errors and DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPS - it is interpreted as yelling and doing it for a sentence or two is fine, but if your message is in all CAPS, it is unreadable and people will consider you rude and immature.

Lastly, if you are posting a QUESTION, please give as much information as you possibly can. There are many knowledgable people on this list who can help you, and it will be much easier if you question is complete and straightforward. If you do not receive a response within a few days, feel free to re-post your question. If you still do not receive a response, change the subject line and/or modify your question. You may wish to mention in the post that you received no response. Keep in mind that there will be times when your question cannot be answered.

Addressing posts/replies:

Please address all posts and replies to posts to the following address: Copy individuals personally by all means, but please do not CC: to the list address. The recipient list is not available in the post, so for those people who are using email clients which allow messages from specific senders to be deposited tidily in different folders, messages CC:'d to the list end up in that person's inbox.


Please do not send attachments of any kind to this list. Doing so may cause unnecessary delays in the delivery of mail to most of the subscribers. If you wish to send attachments, you have 3 choices:

  • Send a message to the list describing the attachment you think would be of interest and ask for private e-mail from people who are interested in your attachment. Then gather a list of interested parties and send the attachment to them aside from the list.
  • If the attachment is of sufficient interest, ask me to post it to Grand Prix Net.
  • You may anonymously FTP the pictures/files to: and place them in the /incoming directory. You may then announce to the list that the images are on the FTP site.

NOTE: Some e-mail clients (especially MS Exchange) send a rich text copy (RTF) of the message as an attachment. This is shown as an attachment titled "WINMAIL.DAT". Please turn off this option in your e-mail client. If you do not know how to do this, speak to your system administrator or contact me and I'll help you. NOTE: Some e-mail clients (such as Netscape 4.x and MS IE 3.x and above) send HTML messages. Please turn off this option as well.

Replying to Posts

When replying to a post, we ask that you reply to the list (unless a private response was requested) for various reasons. There may be others on this list who may benefit from the information. Also, this list is archived (see below). This will be valuable for those who wish to dig through the archives for questions that may have been asked previously.

Of course, there are times when a response should be sent to the individual and not the list. If your comments are directed at a single person and the information will only benefit that person, then please reply directly to them. We discourage personal conversations on this list.

If you choose to reply to the list, just use the REPLY option on your e-mail client. This will address the reply to the list address. If you wish to reply to the individual then use the REPLY option on your e-mail client BUT then replace the TO address with the individual's personal e-mail address.

Please use the following format when replying to a posts:

Quote the original message. Trim it down to only the portion you want to respond to (DO NOT QUOTE AN ENTIRE MESSAGE ONLY TO RESPOND TO THE LAST SENTENCE). Enter your response BELOW the quoted portion. Here is a sample original message and its reply (for brevity, we'll pretend the following is a complete message from me):

Subject: my car is dead
From: Brian A. Marks
Last week my car died and I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Also, has anyone performed the cone filter upgrade? I was thinking about doing it but . . .

Now let's say Steve wants to reply to this with a few questions and answers:

Subject: RE: my car is dead
From: Steve Calbert
>Does anyone have any suggestions?
Yes, get the car looked at by the dealer.
Also, what are the symptoms?
> Also, has anyone performed the cone filter upgrade?
Yes, I have. It's a good addition to your GP, but . . .

Now, notice that Steve only quoted RELEVANT portions of my post. He didn't waste space, and he replied UNDER each part that he wanted to. Some people will quote the entire message and either write their response at the top or bottom of the message. I've even seen people quote an entire trip report and post a one-liner at the bottom. PLEASE DO NOT do that. Follow the above guidelines and you will find it much easier to follow a thread. If people want to read the original message, they can read the original!

Some e-mail clients, such as AOL and Prodigy, place a subject like INTERNET MESSAGE or no subject at all in the subject line. Please remove this. You'll be contacted by me if I see your messages begin with these.

Persons not following these guidelines will be warned. If you continue to reply without editing the outgoing message, I will have no choice but to remove you from the list.

If you are subscribed to the digest, then you will have more work to do if you wish to reply to a message. First, you much copy the portion of a single message you wish to reply to. Then you'll need to paste it into a new message (in your e-mail client). Next, address the message to For the SUBJECT, copy the subject from the original message, but put RE: in front, so we know it's a reply. Assuming you're subscribed to the digest and want to reply to my message, your subject line (before sending the message) would look like:

Subject: RE: my car is dead
From: Your Name

Then follow the standard reply guidelines for the BODY of the message.


IMPORTANT: After subscribing to either list, send all messages meant for redistribution to the mailing list members to


The first step in subscribing to the mailing list is to become a member of eGroups. From there, you can sign up for the mailing list by joining the group called "grandprix". The eGroups format provides you with many options including the delivery method of each post (individual email, digested email, or directly on the web), as well as many other services. Becoming a member of eGroups is entirely free!

You will receive an e-mail welcoming you to the mailing list. Please keep this e-mail as you may need to refer to it at a later time.


To unsubscribe from the mailing list, simply remove "grandprix" from your list of groups on eGroups.

You will receive an e-mail indicating your removal from the list.

If you still have questions about any of the mailing list procedures (and list procedures only), please e-mail Grand Prix Net. Questions not relating to the mailing list procedures will not be answered if sent to this address; they will be discarded.

Rights of the List Owner

The list owner reserves the right to remove a person from the Grand Prix Mailing List at any time for any reason without notice to the user.

The list owner reserves the right to censor and / or remove messages from the list if it they are deemed unsuitable.

The list owner reserves the right to shut the list down at any time, for any reason, and for any length of time (or permanently).

The list owner reserves the right to modify this document without notice.


If you wish to receive a reply from a REAL person, feel free to contact the list owner, Brian A. Marks, at Do not ask for help unless you have read this entire document. I make an effort to reply to all messages but at certain times can be busy and may not reply immediately (immediately in my world usually means within 12 hours). If you don't receive a reply in a few days, just re-send the message.

Enjoy the List!

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